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Einstein’s Dreams

The Interpretation of Dreams

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Dream Series- 1

This project is inspired by @hsiangshinemoe, when I was in @svamfaca. I started reading the story of Einstein's dreams. 

In his dream on Apr. 26th, 1905, the world believed that living in a high place could live longer. This may sound insane, but I think we are doing the exact thing to the world we live in. People are doing ways to make sure the hierarchy is proper for them. I then created the video as the opening to visualize the story. 

Dream Series- 2

In order to know more about the dream, I reread "The Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Floyd. The concept of the subconscious turning into a dream is interesting to me. I agree with the part that dreams are related to what you desire or secrets.

Dream Series- 3

When the Covid outbreak, most of the people I knew left NYC. Then I dreamed. I recorded this dream by audio right after I woke up. It's still tough to open the record and remind the mood. But I know it's time to move on!

Music/Audio: Chopin Pan

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